Dive shops are everywhere, but in Los Angeles they’re a big deal.

The Scariest Taco Shop in LA is one of those spots. 

This shop specializes in tacos that are made with real meat and have been marinated in alcohol for over 30 years.

The scarcest taco is called El Camino Real, and it’s served with a sour cream sauce that tastes like a cross between a taco and a burrito. 

The tacos are the kind of tacos that only the best of chefs have ever tried, and they’re the kind that only a taco chef could love. 

“We make these tacos with the highest quality ingredients we can find and our staff is incredible,” said co-owner and husband of the restaurant, Jose Guadalupe. 

Guadalupe said that the restaurant was born out of his desire to find a taco restaurant that was just as good as the best taco restaurants around.

“We have a lot of different flavors that you can choose from,” he said. 

El Camino is run by Jose Guadjue and his wife, Elodie Guadalupo, who own a family restaurant called El Dorado.

Guadalupe’s mother died when Guadalpupe was just a toddler. 

Their son, Jose, who is currently working on a master’s degree in food science at UC Santa Cruz, started working at El Caminos after GuadalUPO was diagnosed with cancer. 

La Cienega Taco is the second of the two locations that Guadaluca and Guadalups mom started.

The third is planned to open soon. 

Dive shops in Los, LA are also starting to take notice of El Caminaleros taco menu, which is pretty much the only menu in the entire city.

“We started out with a taco menu for the city of LA and now we have one for LA,” Guadaluy said.

 Guadelupe’s wife, GuadalU, has also opened a taco bar in the West Village called El Dorado, and she’s also working on opening a second location. 

These taco bars and taco shops are making tacos accessible to more people in the city.

GuadaU said that while El Caminarealos taco menu is limited, it’s a lot more accessible than most restaurants. 

“[It’s] like a whole new menu that people can have,” GuadaUPO said.

“It’s more accessible for people who are trying to go out for a taco. 

I think that’s the thing that’s really exciting for us, that we’re opening a taco shop that we really can bring the food to people who have never tried tacos before.”

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