Posted April 10, 2018 11:00:00By now you’ve probably seen the popular nail shop, Flourand.

The website is pretty straightforward, with an image of a bottle of nail polish, a picture of a nail and a few words of description.

But there’s a twist: the colours are all a product of the florist.

It’s an innovative approach to advertising, says the business’ founder and CEO, Tim Lacey.

“We think we’re just the tip of the iceberg,” he says.

“The idea behind florists is to create unique and memorable experiences for their customers.”

What makes the colours so interesting is that each one of them comes from different sources.

The florista paints each colour using a special blend of oils, and then the nail art studio has to mix and match each colour to get the desired effect.

“It’s like you’re a different artist every time you go to a different nail salon, each time they have different ideas,” says Mr Lacey, who uses the name Flourando in his own company name.

“But it’s actually not that complicated.”

There are two types of nail art: natural and synthetic.

Natural nail art is made by using natural oils such as coconut oil, coconut sugar and palm oil.

Synthetic nail art uses synthetic colours such as turpentine and titanium dioxide.

The two types are used interchangeably.

Synthetics are usually darker and more opaque than natural ones.

“Natural nail arts are for people who like a very natural look and are looking for something a little more subtle and delicate,” says Flourande.

When you visit a floristry, you’re expected to spend between $40 and $60 for a natural nail art.

But a natural salon is cheaper than a synthetic one.

The flors are then hand-pressed using a combination of natural and artificial ingredients, and the nail artists make the nail polish.

“It takes us a long time to get all the natural and natural polish out, so we’re constantly adding new colours,” says Ms Lacey of the process.

“They’re not only beautiful, but they’re also more sustainable.

We’ve got the right mix of chemicals to produce a beautiful product.”

There’s also a unique experience when you walk into a salon: you’re not expected to leave.

“When you come into the shop, you walk around the floor,” says Miss Lacey “and you’re greeted by the beautiful white carpet and the beautiful chairs, and you’re in the shop for hours.”

Every day, we work very hard to create the perfect experience for our customers, and I think that’s what they like about FlourANDeam.

“A nail salon is usually a long walk from the store.

But you can also visit a home improvement shop or a local community garden to make a day of it.

But the best thing about the Flourandiis is that they don’t require any nail art equipment, and there’s no need to go to nail shops for a manicure.

Instead, they are designed to work from home.

Mr Lacey says that with their natural nail shop you’re guaranteed to walk away from your appointment refreshed, feeling relaxed and with a smile on your face.

There’s a free day of the week where you can enjoy an afternoon of relaxation with a nice lunch at your favourite restaurant.”

That’s really the best part about the shop,” he adds.”

There’s no wait, and they’re free to go.

But the beauty of it is that it’s free to do anything you want, you don’t have to go out.


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