A new snowboard brand has been created by a trio of friends who grew up together.

The company, which has its roots in the US and has offices in Sweden and Austria, hopes to change the way people shop for snowboards.

The Snowboarders website says: “We’ve been doing snowboarding for a long time, and we’ve been obsessed with the snowboard since we were young.

Our love for the sport, and for the products we use, is unquenchable.”

It’s not just about the products themselves, though.

The website also encourages the company’s users to share their own experiences with the brand.

“Our passion for snowboarding has been instilled into us through the internet, and this website has helped us to grow,” said Mikael Ljungqvist, who runs the company.

The site has more than 2,000 members, and has more videos on YouTube than the average YouTube channel.

Ljuhngqvist said he and his friends were inspired by a YouTube video posted by an American named Michael Hsu, who is currently working on a snowboarding film.

Hsu said he was inspired to create a company in Sweden when he found a website dedicated to snowboarding in China.

“The video showed how the sport was growing and the demand for it, and I thought to myself that maybe if I can help, then the whole industry can grow, too,” Hsu told Al Jazeera.

The duo began work on a company last year.

Ljjuhngsson said he had to hire a team of two people to create the website.

“We took two guys from my previous company and we spent two weeks on the internet making it.

It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” he said.

The first version of the website was a simple white page with a single image of a snowflake.

It has since evolved into a large, colourful map of Sweden.

Ljsukvist said the site was a work in progress and they had yet to finalise the design.

“It’s an idea, not a finished product,” he explained.

“This is a way to share experiences.

The way we present it to our customers and users is that we’ve built it in six months and the website will be finished in six weeks.”

The website was inspired by an article on a popular US website, Snowboarding News, which highlighted the growing popularity of the sport in the United States.

Hsus, who studied marketing and communications at the University of Southern California, said the website came from his desire to make an online resource that would help snowboarders who wanted to find their next new snowboarding experience.

“I wanted to build something to inspire and show people that there’s still a huge snowboard industry in the country and that the snowboarding industry is still alive and well,” Hsue said.

“There are still many, many people out there who want to do this sport, but there are also so many misconceptions about it.”

‘No need to panic’ Snowboarding is the oldest snowboarding sport in North America and the world.

It is considered the oldest outdoor sport because it is not a competitive sport and therefore there is no need to go to extreme temperatures in order to compete.

However, the sport has seen a dramatic increase in popularity in recent years, with more people taking to the snow.

The number of people who compete in the sport rose from 7,600 in 1999 to almost 10,000 in 2013, according to Snowboard News.

This growth in popularity has made it increasingly difficult for snowboard companies to compete in Sweden.

In 2017, Snowboarder’s Magazine published a survey showing that around 20 per cent of the top ski resorts in Sweden said they had stopped selling snowboards, with the number of snowboard resorts closing in Sweden dropping by around 60 per cent between 2009 and 2017.

In 2018, a major snowboard resort in Stockholm, Stockholm Skiing Club, said it would be closing its doors for good after more than 40 years of operation.

“People don’t want to get into this sport,” said Anna Jansson, the director of communications at Stockholm Skiers Club.

“They don’t feel like they’re ready to get in and they feel scared of it.”

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