In Melbourne, Capriotto’s is one of Melbourne’s best-known and most well-known restaurants, and it’s been in business for nearly two decades.

But, for some reason, the Caprioti’s website hasn’t been updated since March 2016.

“It’s always been in an unfortunate state.

We were really proud of the website when we launched it and we’re really happy it’s still in tact,” said Capriuti’s CEO Steve Smith.

“There’s a lot of work to do, but we’re happy with the site and it’ll continue to be the best place to get Capriottos.”

The website’s been updated several times over the years, but the biggest change has been in the design of the site itself.

Caprittos’ latest update reads: “Our logo was changed from a classic pizza to an all-caps version in 2017 to help give you an extra dose of pizzazz.

Our restaurant is now located on the corner of Market Street and Elizabeth Street, which is also our current location.”

When we first got a peek inside, the menu was still just a few pages long, with no pictures or descriptions.

“We’re really excited about the changes and we think they’ll make for an even better website,” Mr Smith said.

“This will allow us to keep our website in touch with the customers and to continue making Capriotas a fun and memorable place to visit.”

The new website will include more details about the Caprivas’ restaurant, such as their current location, menu and daily specials.

It will also include a list of current events happening in the Melbourne CBD, such the New Year’s Eve parade, the annual Melbourne Pride parade, and the Victoria Cup.

In 2017, Caprisotti’s was awarded a Gold Medal for “Best Restaurant in Melbourne”, with the same award being handed out to the other top Australian restaurant in Melbourne by Food Network.

“In our restaurant, Capricotas’ is an award-winning experience and we are incredibly proud of what we have accomplished,” Mr Brown said.

Caprice’s, which has been on the top of our top 10 favourite Melbourne restaurants for more than a decade, will continue to operate in Melbourne.

However, Caprice will be moving to a new location next month.

“For a long time, we’ve been working with Capriotte’s on our future and now Capriotta’s is our new home,” Mr Wood said.

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