The best guitar, according to this new study, is the one you already own.

The one that is in your closet, the one that you want to play all the time.

But the study, published this week in the journal Guitar Science, found that some players are just as likely to get stuck on one guitar than another.

The study, conducted by the British research group, Guitar Science (GSS), looked at guitar players’ guitar preferences from their first exposure to electric guitars.

The researchers asked 6,000 guitar players the same question: “How do you feel about guitars in general?”

The results: The most popular pick among players was the Gibson ES-335.

But a surprising number of players also said the Les Paul Standard, and that it was also popular among a subset of players who have never owned a guitar before.

The most important pickup is the neck pickup, said James A. Brown, an associate professor of music at the University of Michigan who was not involved in the research.

That pickup has a large amount of power that can be applied to the strings in a way that the ES-35 doesn’t.

It can also be used to make a tone by adding an electric humbucker.

Brown is the author of the new book, “The Guitar: A History of the Instrument.”

Guitarists who tend to have more than one guitar, but no preference for one particular model, tend to prefer the ES335 over the Les, he said.

The Gibson ES335 was built to a high standard in the early 1960s, Brown said.

Its popularity as a beginner pickup may have helped it to get into the hands of a larger number of guitar players in the 1970s and 1980s.

The ES-235, a Gibson Classic pick, is a little older, but Brown said that there’s no question that its reputation has grown over the years.

But Brown said there is one important difference between the ES 335 and the ES Classic.

It has a thinner body than the ES Standard, he noted.

The Classic has a thicker body than most of its competitors.

And the ES was designed for playing chords and melodies over long periods of time.

“There’s this whole question of how do you go from a really low-end pickup to something that’s really powerful,” Brown said, “and the answer is, that you don’t.”

Some guitarists, Brown and his co-author David McVay, said, prefer to play the ES with a humbucking pickup and a humbuckers-only pickup.

The two types of pickups, Brown noted, differ in terms of their sonic qualities and how they work together.

They are not interchangeable.

For instance, the ES and Classic don’t sound the same in the sound of a bass guitar, which is typically used to create a warm sound.

Brown said some people find the ES to be a little too low, while others find the Classic and ES to sound like they are the same pickup.

Brown believes the most important thing about picking a guitar is to know what you’re getting into.

“You don’t need a bunch of instruments to play with,” he said, adding that it’s also important to get good and experienced players in your band.

“The guitar is a tool,” Brown added.

“And the guitar is your instrument.

And if you don, you can never be successful.”

The study found that most guitar players who said they picked their first guitar in high school preferred the ES.

That was not surprising, given that a number of researchers have said that the guitar as a musical instrument is not necessarily for beginners.

For years, guitarists have used a series of criteria to help them pick the right guitar.

They’ve looked at how it sounds, how it plays, and how it looks.

Some have also looked at the strings, or how it is connected to the body.

The majority of guitarists who chose their first instrument in high-school chose the ES as the best pickup.

But, according with the research, most guitarists don’t play as many chords and don’t really know what a chord is.

The research team also asked the guitarists to pick their first acoustic guitar, a model that they have owned since they were kids.

They also asked them how many strings they had on the guitar.

Only 3% of the guitar players picked the ES the best.

And only 7% picked the Classic the best, the researchers said.

There are also differences in the styles of guitar played.

Brown and McVays found that the majority of players prefer the Les in terms the sound and sound of the strings.

The Standard and ES both have very high sound levels, Brown observed.

“If you’re playing with a standard acoustic guitar and you have a hum-bucker, you have the ES sound,” Brown noted.

“So the ES is much more popular than the Standard.”

For example, the Standard sounds more like a guitar than a standard bass, Brown pointed out.

And while most guitar playing is done on the

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