Buyers are paying more for new furniture than they are for other items in their home, according to a survey by, a company that tracks consumer sentiment.

The survey, which is based on a survey of 2,500 homes in 15 states, found that the average price for a new sofa and two chairs in a new home is about $2,000, according a statement from HomeAware.

The average price of a couch and two-legged stool in a home is $3,600, the company said.

The survey also found that many of the people who were willing to pay more for furniture said they were buying it because they liked the look of it or because it was the only furniture they owned.

HomeAway, which operates a network of nearly 4,000 furniture stores, said it surveyed more than 3,000 households in 18 states to get a better picture of how consumers are spending on their new furniture.

The company says it has collected a total of 1,200 responses.

The average purchase price of furniture in a single home is now $1,636, up 2% from the year before, according the survey.

The price of an old sofa, two-leg stool, and two sofa beds in a house rose 2.5%, 2.1% and 2.4%, respectively.

The biggest jump was in the price of new furniture, which rose 6% to $2.5 million.

The lowest price for new items was for old furniture, down 3% to about $600.

The study also found the number of people who had spent more on furniture in the past year rose by 7% from 1,742 to 1,832.

The number of those who had seen a decrease in spending on furniture has dropped by 9%.

The study found that a majority of respondents said they are willing to spend more on new furniture because they like it, a new trend that has been a concern for consumers who want to keep up with the trend of buying more and more stuff.

The largest decrease in the number who were buying furniture was for furniture with a large amount of money in it.

In an effort to get more people to pay attention to how much they are spending, has also launched a program that allows people to compare their spending habits with those of their friends and neighbors.

The program is available to anyone who is willing to log in to the program, and it is also available for the whole country.

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