In a world where electric skis are still mostly a niche market, a brand new electric ski is a major step forward.

The Tasmanian company behind the project is called the Tasmanian Lightening Company (TLCC) and has already won the hearts of skiers around the country.

TLCC’s new ski shop, a sleek and modern building at The Tasmanian Ski Club, is an attempt to break into the ski industry and has won the backing of a number of local business owners.

Tasmania is a state that is currently enjoying a record year for snowfall, with the snowpack measuring more than 3.2 million hectares.

But it’s the new electric skier’s shop that will be a huge draw for the skier community.

“We are excited to open the Tasmanians first ever electric ski in the state of Tasmania,” said TLCC owner Chris Walker.

“[We’re] hoping that by having this first electric ski we can start to attract a younger demographic to the industry and attract a lot more of the young people that are interested in electric skiers.

We think it’s a great way to engage the younger people that aren’t normally interested in the sport.”

TLC has built up a strong following in the area and is now trying to build on that success.

On its Facebook page, TLCC has over 30,000 followers and boasts of being one of Tasmania’s biggest local businesses.

Its website has also seen a steady stream of positive reviews.

Walker said he hoped the new shop would be a success.

“It’s going to be a really good fit for the club, and also for the area as a whole,” he said.

I think the Tasman region is the place for this.

While the new ski will be primarily used for ski training, it will also be able to accommodate recreational skiing and snowshoeing, and could be used as a shop.

This is the first time a new electric electric ski has been built in Tasmania, Walker said.

“There’s been a lot of projects in Tasmania that have used traditional machinery, and we’re trying to break that down to electric and make it simpler,” he added.

In February, the Tasman government announced it was expanding the ski and snowboarding programs in the Tasman area.

There are currently no electric skijos in Tasmania but there are plans to create one at a site in the western town of Port Augusta in the coming months.

Although it may not be a long-term plan, Walker thinks the introduction of electric skiable is a big step forward for the Tasman industry.

“I think this will be the start of something, the start to something really big,” he told ABC Radio Tasmania.

[The new electric skate] is a huge step forward to the Tasman ski industry.

A local business owner who wants to remain anonymous said the electric ski could be an asset for the town of Hobart.

“For the community and for the business, this is an asset that will bring people together,” the owner said.

“It’s an exciting time for Hobart.”

The Tasmania Snow Sports Association (TSSA) said it would not oppose the establishment of an electric ski.

“Electric skiers will be able explore all of the different areas within the town and create new opportunities for Tasmania’s growing skiers,” the TSSA said in a statement.

Local resident Paul Burt said the Tasman’s electric skilling industry had become a focus of tourism in recent years.

“People have been trying to find new areas, and this is the opportunity to go and do it,” he explained.

“We can’t wait to go out there and see what it’s like.”

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