Aussie retailing legend and online retail pioneer, Penny Arcade, is in Melbourne today for the opening of its flagship Penny Arcade Expo in the heart of the city.

Penny Arcade Expo opens in Melbourne on Thursday November 6.

Key points:The online retailing event will be held at the iconic Old City Hall and the Penny Arcade Theatre in Melbourne.

Tickets range from $35-$250 and include food and drink for the entire audience.

“We’re really excited about the Penny-Arcade Expo in Melbourne,” Penny Arcade founder Matt Furie said.

“It’s an exciting, innovative and unique opportunity to showcase Penny Arcade’s history and the brand to a global audience.”

“We hope you’ll join us in Melbourne for the PennyArcade Expo.”

Tickets for the event range from around $35 to $250 and can be purchased online or at the event venue.

“The Penny Arcade Event will be the largest online retail event in Australia,” Mr Furie told the crowd at the venue.

The venue will host the PennyPAC Expo from November 6-8.

The event, which will include live entertainment, a live music stage and a merchandise stall, is expected to draw more than 100,000 people.

“I think that the most important thing about this event is the audience,” Mr Fergie said, adding that the event was “the perfect venue” for the community to connect with one another and celebrate the gaming industry.

“If you love gaming, you should come.”‘

We’re very proud’The PennyArcade event is expected on a scale never before seen in Australia, with more than 1,000 vendors, more than 20 games, more to be announced, Mr Furies said.

The events has been a big success so far and it is expected the event will continue to grow in popularity, with exhibitors adding more vendors.

“Our fans are really passionate about the event and they’re really interested in our community,” Mr Fahey said.

Mr Furie and his team were joined by local business owners, artists and developers as well as a range of guests from across the country to celebrate the opening.

“For our customers, we want to thank all of our sponsors and partners who have been really helpful,” he said.

Patreon supporters, including the Australian Federation of Consumer Advocates, have been giving a huge boost to the PennyFam.

“Patreons are great,” Mr Feige said.

“We want to see the PennyParty grow to be a worldwide event.”

“The people that are going to be in attendance are all amazing, but we’re also really proud to see that the PennyPac Expo has already attracted some amazing local businesses,” Mr Feygle said.


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