A new app from Google that lets you check out the deals and products on the Google Play Store has been launched for Android, with a new price point of $4.99.

The app will be available in the Google Store on October 21st and will offer discounts on a variety of popular items.

In addition to Google Play, the app is also available for the Kindle Fire HDX, Fire HD8 and Fire HD6 tablets.

“We wanted to provide Android users with a more convenient way to get and use their favorite apps from Google Play and Kindle,” said Dan McInnis, product manager for Google Play.

“We’re excited to bring this app to Android, which has a rich library of popular games, movies, and music.”

While this app is available for Android devices, the Google Wallet integration means that you can use it on other devices too.

“You can use your Google Wallet card to buy items from the Google store or from Google Pay, and you can also buy games from Google Store for offline play,” McInnes said.

Google Wallet is currently the most popular way to pay for goods and services in the Android ecosystem, but there are other payment options as well.

A recent article from TechCrunch details how Android Pay works, with Google Pay coming in two different payment modes.

The first mode uses a debit card and payment gateway that takes a user’s credit card information and uses it to make a payment.

The second mode uses an online bank account and takes a card reader to a website that accepts a payment and then converts the card into a digital wallet.

Both of these modes have been supported on Android devices since Android 5.0 Lollipop, but Google Wallet is the first to be enabled on a smartphone.

For users that don’t have a Google account or aren’t on the latest version of Android, Google Pay also supports Google Wallet cards in the cloud.

With the Google Pay integration, users will be able to purchase from the app, and then pay for the purchase using a payment gateway, as well as the card that was sent.

It’s important to note that Google Wallet can’t be used to pay online, as there are limitations with how Google Pay works with credit cards.

“Google Wallet can only be used on the phone that you have an Android phone, and the card you use to make the purchase is tied to your Google account,” McInis explained.

“The card you pay with is a separate account that can be managed by the Google app, but it cannot be used for online transactions.”

In addition to its Google Play store, the Android Pay app also offers a number of other perks for those who opt to pay using Google Pay.

It also lets you make purchases on your computer, and can be used as a mobile payment app for a variety Google Play games.

If you’re not looking to pay at your local coffee shop or restaurant, you can pay for items at a variety locations, from grocery stores to gas stations to restaurants.

Once you’re done with the app for Android or any other platform, you’ll be able download it for free from Google’s website.

You can sign up to the app from the Settings menu of your Google Account.

As for Google Wallet itself, it will be accessible on all Android devices for free until October 1st.

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