The lighting and lightsaber sets will be installed in a golf course on the Israeli side of the Golan Heights, with the goal of providing a source of light for the Israeli troops stationed there, as well as the surrounding population.

The installation of the lightsaber set, along with a new lighting and sound system, is part of the Israeli military’s plans to develop its own power sources.

“Our project was born out of necessity, as we are dealing with constant electricity shortage, but we decided to invest in a solution to solve the problem,” said Lieutenant Colonel Yoav Mordechai, the commander of the Israel Defense Forces’ (IDF) special operations command, which oversees the installation of military-grade lighting and sounds systems.

In a video statement, Mordechay said the military will use a combination of laser and electronic technologies to provide the IDF with more power than it can currently afford.

“We decided to make the installation on the Gaido golf course as a permanent fixture and to keep it in the field,” he said.

“It is also in the interest of the IDF to make it permanent, as it would also save the IDF a lot of money in terms of fuel.”

Mordechai said the project will take several months to complete.

The Israeli military has been working on the installation for the last two years, and said it expects to have a functioning lightsabery by the end of the year.

The project has been backed by a $20 million investment from the Israel-US Economic and Security Council, and is expected to be operational by 2022.

The installation is expected not to cost the IDF anything more than a few hundred dollars per month, and the IDF hopes to use it to help it in other areas, such as night vision.

The military will also install the lighting system at a nearby military base, with a target price tag of $300,000.

The project is a departure from the military’s usual deployment of weapons, particularly to protect soldiers stationed on the West Bank, which the Israeli government has labeled “occupied” and has called the “occupied Golan.”

The installation was also welcomed by the head of the Palestinian group that runs the Israeli golf course, Nabil Abu al-Qidra, who called the lightsaber project a “significant step in creating a new source of power.”

“The installation will help the IDF in its efforts to maintain the quality of life in the area,” he told Al Jazeera.

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