Crypto-currency exchanges are not likely to take the financial services business by storm anytime soon, at least in terms of revenue, according to CoinDesk.

However, Bitcoin, the currency used to buy and sell digital goods and services online, is growing in popularity as a payment method and payment network, especially in the US.

CoinDesk surveyed online gaming and gambling sites to see how much their business is affected by the cryptocurrency and how many people use the service.

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The top three concerns that were shared were “too little too late”, “people are being ripped off” and “people don’t like to pay with bitcoin”.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, according the survey, a few of the sites that did not receive responses said they would consider adding some form of cryptocurrency support in the future.

“Bitcoin has become the new normal in the digital space, and there are more people using it than ever before,” said one site.

“It’s a bit like a virtual coin,” said another.

“You can still play online with people in your real life, but you can’t buy or sell.”

“It does have the potential to become the standard payment method for online purchases, but we’re not sure if that will happen anytime soon,” CoinDesk said.

“Many companies that are accepting Bitcoin are not offering a wide range of payment options.

They may offer a token that people can purchase, but it’s not clear if this will be enough to offset the growing price volatility and the limited ability to exchange the token for real money.”

Bitcoin is a payment system that allows users to spend and receive bitcoins without having to send funds to the wallet.

Bitcoin transactions can be done in any online wallet where a Bitcoin address is linked to an online address, such as Coinbase or CoinBase.

However there are a number of caveats with Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin network is not backed by a central bank or central authority and is subject to wide variation in exchange rates, so Bitcoin transactions often take a lot longer to complete.

Also, it’s a very volatile currency.

When the price of a Bitcoin drops below $2,000 per coin, it becomes worthless, meaning that the buyer can no longer make a profit.

That’s because the Bitcoin network rewards miners for solving certain complex mathematical problems that are used to validate transactions.

CoinWallet, a company that creates Bitcoin wallets, said that people who have invested in the Bitcoin ecosystem will need to monitor the value of their Bitcoin wallet.

“As more people use Bitcoin, they will need more coins in their wallet to make it worth keeping,” CoinWallet CEO and co-founder Chris Burniske told CoinDesk in a statement.

“While there is a fair bit of risk with Bitcoin, it has become a highly profitable payment method that has made it possible for many people to make their money online without having a bank account.

In the long term, Bitcoin may become the default payment method in many industries, but for now it is a popular choice for online gambling, retail, and other non-financial uses.”

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