By now, it should be pretty clear why you might want to upgrade your iPhone 6 to a new model.

It’s the new iPhone.

You’re probably also thinking, “Wait, I need to upgrade to a bigger phone?

Why not buy a 6 Plus?”

You should really think about it.

The iPhone 6s is the best-selling iPhone model in history, and Apple has done a great job selling it.

It has an awesome design, solid battery life, a fast processor, a killer camera, and plenty of other bells and whistles.

So why should you upgrade to the 6s, then?

Because the iPhone 6 has some major improvements that make it one of the best phones around.1.

The new camera is really good.

The camera on the iPhone 5s was pretty good.

In fact, it was pretty damn good.

But the new camera on Apple’s newest iPhone is a beast.

In terms of image quality, the iPhone 8s is better.

That’s a big deal.

And that’s where the new 5s and 6s come in.

They’ve both got some pretty amazing new cameras.

Apple has built a camera that’s both fast and capable of producing some truly incredible images.

That includes a new f/1.8 aperture that allows it to produce sharper images at the same aperture setting than it would at any other setting.

This means that the iPhone’s image quality will be more accurate and detailed.

You’ll see this with its video, too.

The f/2.0 aperture is a bit of a stretch.

You might get an image that’s closer to the f/5.6 aperture of the iPhone 7 Plus, but the iPhone is still able to get really crisp images.

Apple is also adding a new “digital” filter on the lens.

This lens will be the focal length of the lens and is designed to produce the best images with the widest aperture.

It means that you’ll get images that are much sharper and better-looking with a wider aperture.2.

You get more storage.

The 6s and iPhone 6 can both get a lot of storage, and that’s fine.

But with the iPhone you also get more internal storage.

On the 6, there’s only 1GB of internal storage, which is the same as the iPhone.

On an iPhone 6, you can add up to 128GB of storage.

In contrast, the new 6 Plus will be able to expand to 256GB of space.

This gives you more room to store all of your photos, music, and videos.

That extra space will make the iPhone more versatile.

You can use it as a portable camera, too, which will make it even more useful when traveling.3.

The 4K video recording is faster.

The newest iPhones have a 4K camera, which means that it’s capable of capturing images that look very sharp.

It also has a super-high pixel density, which allows it a higher resolution image.

The resolution of 4K is actually pretty good, which can help to capture beautiful, high-quality photos.

However, it can also be slow.

This is a problem for video, because the video compression software can’t process the images properly.

It will often be much faster to record 4K videos with the older iPhones than with the new ones.

It can also take longer to capture high-resolution images because the new cameras are capable of handling high-speed video.

The faster you can capture 4K images, the more you’ll be able take high-res photos.4.

The battery life is better than ever.

The phone is more durable than ever, and its battery life has improved as well.

It’ll last you a full day and a half.

The only downside is that the new iPhones have an edge over the previous generation iPhone 6S.

That means that if you want to take pictures for your friends and family, you’ll need to buy a second battery.

This isn’t a big problem, but if you’re going to go for a bigger iPhone, it might be a good idea to upgrade the battery to 3,000mAh instead.5.

The next-gen camera is a real winner.

Apple’s next-generation camera is also really good, especially when it comes to image quality.

The 5s has a new digital zoom lens that can focus on very small details in an image.

This new zoom lens can be very useful for low-light situations and is great for stills and video.

Apple also added a new front-facing camera, called FaceTime HD, which lets you take photos with a larger and clearer field of view than you get with the old camera.6.

The best new camera.

The cameras on both the iPhone and the iPhone Plus are both really good cameras.

But you can only buy one of each.

That gives you a real advantage in many cases, because you can buy two or three cameras that work well together. The

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