When it comes to taco restaurants in Phoenix, there are few places better than the taco shop at Transmission, one of the city’s oldest taco joints.

The place opened in 1949, and since then, the place has been serving up fresh tacos for decades, providing a unique flavor that you won’t find anywhere else in the area.

The owners, brothers Dan and Andrew, are also a couple of the biggest names in the business.

Dan, the owner, is a chef and is known for his inventive flavors.

He has been making tacos for more than 20 years.

Andrew, the cook, is an expert in Mexican cooking.

He is also a father and a husband, and has worked with the owners for nearly 40 years.

Dan and his wife, Cathy, started the restaurant in 1949 when they were just kids and started selling tacos for the local taco club.

They were already familiar with the Mexican food scene in Phoenix at the time, but they wanted to bring the tradition back to the Phoenix area.

Dan started out by doing the traditional tacos at his mother’s house in the 1950s and later moved on to the restaurant.

In the years since, he has expanded his repertoire to include many types of Mexican food, including carnitas, tamales, and burritos.

Dan says his mom would make tamales with her husband and other customers, while Cathy would make carnitas.

Since opening in 1949 at 1219 East Second Street, the taco business has grown to be one of Phoenix’s most popular restaurants.

Now, the family has expanded to include the whole family, as well as adding a variety of specialty tacos to their menu.

In fact, the original restaurant has become a taco shrine in the neighborhood.

Cathy’s dad, Dan, is the one who started the business and the family still has access to the original shop and has expanded it to include a variety, from tamales to carnitas and much more.

“We started the first Taco Mart at 1220 East Second St. and have since expanded to serve our customers at various locations,” Cathy said.

“Now we also offer many other unique and delicious food options, including our own specialty tacos.

We also have a wide variety of other items, including margaritas, tequila, and many other beverages and snacks.

We hope to keep expanding our menu and continue to offer our customers a unique experience every time they come to visit us.”

The owners have been busy since opening the taco stand and the restaurant is now open 24 hours a day.

The brothers are known for their creative tacos, and they use their knowledge of Mexican cuisine to bring out the best in each customer.

“As far as what we serve, our taco shop is the best,” Dan said.

Dan’s wife, Andrew, said that their goal is to serve their customers a good variety of Mexican dishes.

“Our tacos are always fresh, authentic and delicious,” Cathy added.

They have also expanded the menu, adding many different kinds of Mexican and other food items.

They recently added a margarita menu, which includes several margarites, including tequila and tequila tequila.

Dan said he has even started making a special margarito with his wife and the owner.

“It is always a great experience when you order our margaritos,” Dan joked.

Dan also said he likes to keep his tacos simple and not too much food, adding that he likes tacos in a few simple flavors and not much in between.

Andrew said he wants his customers to be satisfied with their food, but he is also willing to add more variety to his menu.

“I try to give the customers the best experience possible.

That means having a few different things on our menu, but I also try to offer something new,” Andrew said.

When asked what he would do differently, Dan said, “I would like to keep the same basic style of tacos that we have always done and add a little more flavor to it.

I would also like to add something new.

I think a lot of the other things we do are great but I would like something different.”

Dan and Cathy say their passion for Mexican food has helped them keep their businesses open for more customers and to expand their menu to include other flavors.

“The reason we opened this restaurant was to serve the Phoenix community,” Dan added.

“To help people learn the traditions of our city and to bring people into the dining room and into our taco store.”

Cathy said that her family is still going strong, and she wants to continue to serve up the same great food they always have.

“They keep bringing food to our table and we still love serving our customers,” Cathy commented.

“If we could bring a new restaurant to the community, it would be awesome.”

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