New York has been rocked by protests over the past week, but the US president is hardly a household name in the city.

What’s changed since the protests began is that the mayor has taken on the role of “the Trump”, the nickname for the man who’s been in office for a year.

It’s a role that has proved controversial in the capital, with many protesters calling for him to be stripped of his job, and for the city to turn into a “safe space” for the new administration.

As tensions have escalated, the US government has also tried to play down the significance of the protests, saying the protests are a response to what they call “hate speech”.

The US president has faced a number of criticisms since taking office, most recently for his travel ban on six Muslim-majority countries.

He also faced backlash after a rally in Phoenix, Arizona, where he called for the removal of a statue of Confederate Gen Robert E Lee.

Trump has said that the events in New York are “nothing to do with me” and that the rallies are a protest against a political agenda.

But critics say the protests have been a manifestation of a broader pattern of political unrest in the US.

“We’re seeing a clear escalation of political violence in America, and a concerted effort to stoke that political violence, in an effort to advance the president’s agenda,” said Peter Denno, a fellow at the Brookings Institution and an expert on the Middle East.

The protests have become increasingly violent as demonstrators have converged in more than 40 US cities on Saturday.

Some demonstrators clashed with police as they marched on the Brooklyn Bridge, while others clashed with officers in Manhattan.

The New York protests have taken on an almost militarised feel, with riot police officers in riot gear.

The clashes were sparked by the decision by New York’s largest union, the SEIU, to call for its members to strike in response to the Trump administration’s decision to ban all refugees from entering the country.

Some of the people participating in the protests were carrying signs saying “I am Trump” and “Trump is no president”, which were met with chants of “He’s not president”.

Demonstrators, some wearing masks, gathered on the bridge in a protest over the executive order, according to ABC News.

Demonstrations on Sunday took place in New Jersey, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, with thousands more marching in Chicago.

“I was here for two years and I’ve seen the progress that has been made,” said Mark Karpowitz, who participated in the Chicago protests.

“This is a movement, and people are trying to make sure that this movement is just as important as the one that started two years ago.”

In the US, Trump has not held a news conference since mid-February.

The president is now facing an internal investigation into his ties to Russia, a key issue during the campaign, and has faced widespread criticism for his handling of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

On Friday, the White House released a video statement from the president saying the storm “took out all the power and the lights” in New Orleans.

It has been condemned as an attempt to cover up the damage caused by the storm.

Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, who has since resigned from the Trump campaign, has also been accused of trying to sabotage the president.

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