Posted October 12, 2018 06:07:53Amazon and Barbershop have opened their new stores in Melbourne and Brisbane, and are expected to open their first store in Sydney within the next two weeks.

The two new retailers will open their stores at the following locations:Barber Shop, 917 Kings Highway, Melbourne, Victoria30 November, 2020.

BarberShop, 1300-1411 Kings Highway Melbourne, Melbourne30 November.

Barbershop, 1300 West St, Brisbane, Queensland2 February, 2021.

Amazon has opened three new stores, with two in Sydney and one in Brisbane.

The retailer says it is committed to increasing its presence in Australia, and that the locations it opens in will continue to serve the Australian retail market.

“We have built our brand and our store presence in Australian cities across our stores to be able to offer a great range of online and offline products and services,” the company said in a statement.

“As part of this strategy, we have announced a new retail network in Melbourne, and we are committed to opening additional retail stores in the future.”

Barbershop opened in Melbourne in 2018, and has since expanded to four locations across the city, including two at the Adelaide Oval.

Barbarian, a new online store, is due to open in Sydney in January 2019, while Barbershops in Brisbane and Melbourne are expected in the coming months.

Barbell, which opened its first store at the Gold Coast in 2018 and has opened two more in Melbourne since, is now operating in Melbourne.

It’s also open in Brisbane, with a store in Southbank and a branch in the CBD.

Barbie is the latest retailer to open its doors in the region.

The company opened its flagship store at Sydney’s Southbank in October 2020, while the latest store is located in the inner west suburb of Caulfield.

Last month, the Melbourne Cup was launched at a new store in the outer west suburb, and the store is expected to be open for the first time in the suburbs.

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