Posted July 15, 2018 10:47:51In a move that many have been hoping would save the company billions of dollars, the world’s largest online retailer is about to roll out ads on its website that are being billed as a way to encourage shoppers to shop at the local retail shop.

The online retailer, which has more than 3,500 stores in 190 countries, is hoping the campaign will draw customers back to the site and encourage shoppers on the go.

It is offering customers the chance to buy more items with a digital credit card at the store using a range of different promotions and special offers.

The company says the ads are part of a broader campaign to bring in customers to its site.

“We’ve been trying to make this site accessible to people from all over the world,” said Paul Clements, chief executive of the company.

The company also wants to encourage people to shop on its site for longer periods of time, and to take advantage of a new mobile payment option.

“We have made it so that you can choose what you want to buy with a card, and the whole transaction is recorded on your card, so that when you go to the checkout you can easily get back to where you left off,” Mr Clements said.

“It’s a really big opportunity to drive more people back to our site and to make it even more attractive for them.”

The company said it is using social media to help people find products and make the ads more relevant to them.

It says it is not selling its online business to any third party and has no plans to sell any of its physical stores.

The ad campaign, titled ‘The New Shop’, will be launched on Monday.

The campaign is set to be broadcast on TV and radio stations across Australia on Monday, the day the company said customers will be able to order online.

Online shoppers are being encouraged to get their cards through the site’s app.

Customers can then browse the store and select a product or an item to complete their order.

Mr Clements told ABC Radio Melbourne’s AM program he wanted to make sure people were able to use their cards on the site, not just the site itself.

If they can’t use their card, they can get an extra credit with a loyalty card, Mr Cules said.

One of the ads will be featured on ABC Radio’s Sunrise program, while others will be displayed on the ABC News website and social media.

An advertisement posted on the company’s website says the ad campaign is about helping customers make more money by using their cards more frequently.

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