Herb shop, in the Ottawa area, is shutting down for good.

It’s a little more than a year since it was open, and the Herb shop’s owners, who have been working on the business for the past several years, have been struggling with their finances.

The owners of the Herb Shop have been using the money they have made to buy equipment and renovations.

Their customers have become increasingly disgruntled.

“We have to take a little bit of a hit because we have a very young business that is not yet established,” said Paul Clements, the co-owner of the business.

“If we didn’t have our customers, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to make that kind of progress.”

He said the Herb store has already had some problems, but he’s also hoping that the new owners will be able to solve those problems.

“The main issue is that we are very new,” he said.

“There is a lot of turnover and that is the biggest issue.”

He’s also worried about his staff.

“I am worried that some of the staff are getting a little impatient,” he explained.

“They want to do something, but they don’t want to have to deal with the bureaucracy and bureaucracy.”

Clements said he has made some adjustments to the business, such as hiring a new staff member to help with the shop’s renovation.

“It’s going to be a struggle, but it’s worth it.”

The Herb Shop has been open since 2008, and has a loyal following of loyal customers.

In January 2017, the owner of the shop said the business is in need of major renovations.

“At this point, I’m looking at a two-month closure and we’ll be shut down for at least two months,” he told CBC Ottawa.

Clements also said that he wants to buy the building and rebuild the shop, but has not yet been able to make a purchase.

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