The real problem is that many of the jobs available to the average person are still just a few steps away.

And even the jobs that are available to most people, at a glance, are often quite boring. 

In many cases, the best you can do is to read the job description and follow instructions, and hope that you can get hired. 

But even in the most straightforward job, there’s still the risk of being overlooked. 

And there’s a good chance you’ll be. 

A new study published in The Journal of Applied Social Psychology found that people with higher levels of cognitive abilities tended to be overlooked by employers when they applied for the same job as someone with a similar level of cognitive ability. 

“In most cases, we’re only looking at job opportunities that are ‘on the up-and-up’,” said lead author David Blumberg, PhD, an associate professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz. 

The study, published in the journal Cognition, examined job applications for a range of different positions in the healthcare, construction and retail industries. 

One of the main findings is that people who scored higher on the cognitive ability index tended to get overlooked.

“This shows that employers aren’t really interested in your ability, but rather in your performance,” Blumorg said. 

So what’s the real reason why people who score higher on cognitive ability are overlooked? 

“What we’ve found is that cognitive ability is highly correlated with job performance, and that people score higher when they’re better at abstract reasoning and problem solving, and less well at reasoning in the face of uncertainty,” Blume said.

“When you score higher in cognitive ability, people get more excited about what they do, and they get more motivated to do it.” 

But what about people with low cognitive abilities? 

What about people who have trouble with reasoning? 

It turns out that those with lower cognitive abilities were less likely to be promoted to higher positions, said Blumbrberg. 

That’s not surprising, because in many cases the job market is still a lot like the jobmarket in the past. 

Even with all the advances in technology and software, employers are still looking for people who can solve problems, and it’s still possible to get hired at a low-skill position. 

For example, a job applicant with a high level of reasoning ability could still get hired for a less-skilled position, but would be far more likely to get the job if they had a higher level of verbal ability.

The findings also suggest that employers might be looking for a specific kind of candidate with a particular kind of problem, rather than the typical high-ability candidate. 

According to the researchers, the most important predictor of whether you’ll get hired is your level of ability.

For example: high-competency candidates will be more likely than low-competeency candidates to get promoted. 

However, there are some areas in which your level doesn’t matter.

For example, the level of fluency in a language is only as important as your ability to remember the words, and there are also areas where it doesn’t make a difference.

“We found that in these cases, where you have a high-level of reasoning abilities, but you’re not very good at working with information, it might be worth considering other areas of your personality,” Blumpberg said.

If you want to be sure that you’re going to get into the most prestigious positions, the research suggests that you need to be able to think abstractly, as well as having the ability to be creative and flexible. 

It’s also important to keep in mind that the study didn’t look at a whole range of job opportunities.

The researchers used data from over 8,000 people applying for a variety of jobs, including nurses, medical assistants, computer programmers, accountants, doctors, and secretaries. 

People with higher cognitive abilities also tended to have higher levels in some of the other job areas.

For instance, people with high-functioning reasoning abilities were more likely candidates for lawyers, accountancy and finance. 

What you need Read the full article in The New Scientist Here’s how the study looked at cognitive ability and job performance: 1.

What was the research based on? 

The researchers recruited participants through a website, and then asked them to complete an online questionnaire. 

Participants were asked about their level of intelligence, as measured by the SAT. 

They also completed a battery of questions that assessed how well they could understand a job description, and were asked to describe their level in terms of how well their knowledge of a job related to their level. 


What were the main results? 

For those with a score of 130 or higher, people were less than 2 percent more likely as to be hired for the job, but they were more than 3 percent more than 10 percent likely to advance to

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