The owner of the Budgie gun shop in British Columbia says he hopes to sell more of the popular gun after he received a letter from the BC Liquor Control Board (LCB) saying it wants to shut down his business.

“The LCB has notified me that they are not going to allow me to continue my business in British Colombia.

I can’t do business with them.

That’s all they’re telling me,” said owner Jose Rodriguez.

Rodriguez said he was told by the LCB that the government is trying to seize his business and has made threats against him and his family.

“They have threatened to do everything in their power to stop me from doing my job,” he said.

“My family and I are not doing this for the money.

We’re doing it because it’s what we love to do.”

This is our livelihood, our livelihood is in our hands.

We have to stay here and do what we are doing, we don’t want to be forced out of our home.

“Rodrigez said the LCBC has sent letters to all the owners of Budgie Guns in the province, threatening to take away their business if they don’t comply with the government’s orders.”

I don’t have a lot of money, I have a small business,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriquez said he’s been able to keep his business open with little trouble.”

We are very thankful that the LCIBs is working for us, that they understand the needs of people,” he added.”

But we’re not doing anything that’s going to hurt the Budgies brand, we’re doing this to protect people.

“Rodriques gun shop has been a staple in British Columbians neighbourhood for years.

But the gun shop’s owner said the government has decided to close it down.”

It’s sad that the province has chosen to close the Budgeys store in Bountiful, BC,” he wrote in an email to CBC News.

Rodríquez said it was a tough decision.”

A lot of people are hurting and we are just going to have to make do.

We will have to find another place to do business.

I think it’s going be tough, but it’s our choice.

“RodrÍquez said the BC Liberal government is taking a “tough approach” to the Budges business and the Budgeries brand.

The government has previously told the CBC it wants Budgie’s brand to remain in B,C, NT and B.N.T., but Rodriguez said he is still willing to move to other markets in the provinces if they will allow Budgie guns to be sold in those markets.

Rodrero said the Budgers are in a position where they can’t move to Canada if the LCBs order is upheld.”

When I told them that, they told me that we don�t have any other options and we have to go to the U.S. and sell the Budgestones in that country.

But we have not received any responses from them,” he told CBC News on Friday.

The BC Liquors and Gaming Commission said in a statement it has been working with Rodriguez to find a solution.”

Our customers are our customers and we want them to be able to buy and enjoy Budgestone in their home,” the statement read.

The LCBs decision to shut the Bud-eg store is the latest example of the provincial government’s attempts to curtail the Budgun owners’ right to own firearms.

Rodrique said he has had numerous letters from the LCAs Office of Emergency Management (OEM) telling him that he can’t sell the gun or that the sale will not be permitted in British Colombian because he has been in violation of the ban on importing and selling firearms.”And that�s all they want to hear is that I can�t sell the guns,” he explained.”

If the law is to be enforced and they don�re going to go after my business, then we�re not going in.

We�re doing this because we love our job.

We want to continue to do it.

“Rodrique and his wife have owned Budgie since 2005.”

There’s a lot more people who have tried to come in here and take Budgestons guns than there are people who came in here to buy them,” Rodriguez explained.

Rodrelli said he and his staff have never had a problem selling the guns to customers.”

At the end of the day, the people that come in are just people that want to buy a Budgeston and want to get a Budgerys gun,” he continued.”

That�s the whole point of Budgestoning, you get a gun for free.

The people that buy them are not the ones that are hurting Budgestontons brand.

“Rodrellis wife, Sarah, said Budgestoned is the one brand she loves and has been waiting for her husband to give

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