It’s been a long road for the online grocery shopper, and now it’s even harder to get there.

A new study from market research firm BrandIQ found that in the last year, online shopping has been losing some of its appeal.

While it’s easy to buy groceries online, it’s harder to actually get what you want, particularly at the checkout.

And while you can always go online and find something better, the hassle of waiting for your order to arrive has made it difficult to spend money.

“Online shopping has taken off in recent years, but the barriers to entry are still there,” BrandIQ analyst Kevin Fuchs said in a statement.

The biggest barrier to entry online, the study found, is the amount of time it takes for customers to complete their order.

“The average online shopping experience is about 40 minutes,” Fuchs wrote.

“That’s the same amount of waiting time it took for an average person to walk into Target.”

The biggest problem, according to BrandIQ, is that while online shopping is “more convenient” than offline shopping, customers still want to have the option of buying more items on the go.

“There are more people shopping online now than ever before, and many of those people will want to shop on the weekends,” Fuch said.

The findings of the study are based on a survey of 2,000 people between July 1 and Aug. 14.

It’s not the first time BrandIQ has been researching online shopping.

In 2016, the firm looked at how people shop online and found that shoppers still prefer shopping at home over online.

But there are a few key differences between the two.

In a survey conducted in March of 2016, nearly 70 percent of consumers said that they want to purchase more items online.

About 70 percent said that buying online is a better option.

And nearly a quarter of consumers have been shopping online for the past six months.

BrandIQ also found that a higher percentage of consumers prefer online shopping to go to a physical store.

The firm’s new study found that online shopping took off in the first year after the Affordable Care Act was passed.

For example, a majority of consumers surveyed in the March 2016 survey said they had ordered online, with almost half ordering online and one-third ordering at home.

A year later, that percentage had increased to 72 percent.

Brandiq also found, however, that while the average time to order online has been dropping, online shoppers are also delaying ordering more than ever.

About two-thirds of consumers say they’ve ordered online at least once since the ACA passed, and the average delay has been increasing, the company found.

That’s because consumers are choosing to wait for more products to arrive.

A large majority of shoppers said that when they did order online, they waited more than a month after they received the product, the survey found.

It also found online shoppers were less likely to say that they would spend more than their counterparts in the offline world.

“Most consumers don’t feel like they have to spend as much as they would if they could just walk in and pick up whatever they wanted, even if it’s a product that they just want to try,” Fuhs said.

“They think, ‘Oh, I’ll just do the shopping online, that’s the way it should be.'”

The latest survey is one of several BrandIQ studies the firm has conducted this year looking at online shopping habits.

In 2017, the research firm analyzed a sample of 4,000 consumers in a survey that examined their shopping habits and what they were looking for online.

For the study, BrandIQ surveyed a sample that included 1,000 households in the United States.

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