Kwik Shop, the UK’s biggest online chocolate chain, is opening its doors to the public in London’s Docklands for the festive season.

The UK’s second-biggest chocolate chain is opening in London, but its only opening in the UK is in the east of England.

The chain’s owner, Andrew Smith, said the company’s launch in London was part of a global expansion strategy and was intended to provide customers with a “smarter and more sophisticated shopping experience”.

“It’s an exciting time to be in London.””

He added: “This is a great way to give people the choice to shop at Kwik.””

It’s an exciting time to be in London.”

He added: “This is a great way to give people the choice to shop at Kwik.”

Chocolate is the UKs second biggest consumer item, after tea, and is widely seen as an essential part of the Christmas season.

Kwik Shop is one of the UK companies to open its doors in London this year.

It said: “London is the hub for a whole range of retail brands, including Kwik, so it’s very exciting to be opening its London shop to the general public.”

It said Kwik’s online shopping was based on a “very strong and long-term relationship” with the UK Retail Consortium, and was designed to deliver a more sophisticated experience to customers.

“Our partnership with the Consortium will enable us to offer a much more engaging and sophisticated shopping environment for the millions of shoppers who use Kwik to make a shopping and shopping experience a reality,” it added.

Kiku is one such retailer.

It opened its first shop in the city in January, and opened another in June.

“We’re delighted to open our London shop for the first time,” said Kiku’s head of retail, Andy Giesbrecht.

The company said it wanted to make London a “cool city” and welcomed “the opportunity to offer customers a new and exciting shopping experience for the holidays”.

Kiku has been the target of a number of anti-consumer actions by the UK Government, which has imposed strict limits on the size of its own chocolate bars, banning the manufacture of two and a half teaspoons of chocolate per kilogram.

Last year, it became the first UK company to be banned from the UK market.

Earlier this month, a UK court ruled against the UK Competition and Markets Authority over a decision to impose strict limits to the sale of chocolate bars to retailers.

The ruling said there was “no evidence” that the decision had been influenced by the issue of chocolate’s environmental impact.

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