Here’s how you can stop your friends and family from buying racist products at your local Target.1.

You’ve bought a Target gift card from a friend or family member.

If you don’t already have a Target card, you can redeem it at the checkout for a $25 Target gift certificate.2.

You have a friend, family member or stranger in your household.3.

You love Target.

You’ve likely had a friend who has been a Target shopper for years and you feel the urge to purchase something racist.

You know the ones who buy everything, but hate everything else?

Target is not for you.

Target’s racist products are not what they seem.

They are designed to appeal to the racist consumer and the racist mind.

If you feel a sense of obligation to a racist product, you could always boycott it.

However, Target should be commended for trying to bring its products into the 21st century, not banning products that people want.

Target’s marketing of the Face Shop is not a great example of a truly inclusive business.

The store offers a range of face products that are designed and marketed to appeal and be enjoyed by the racist.

The products, while diverse in color, are predominantly made up of synthetic pigments and colors that have no relation to race.

There is a white version of the face cream called “Hair Remover” that is also sold in white packaging.

In the store’s promotional material, the company refers to the product as a “beauty” product and states that it contains “100% natural ingredients.”

However, a white-haired person would be hard pressed to find a product in their daily routine that doesn’t contain synthetic pigmentation or synthetic colors.

A racist and racist culture is alive and well in Target’s retail environment.

Target should not have a monopoly on this market.

There are countless other retailers and brands that sell racist products.

If Target were to ban these products, it would have little impact on the wider retail industry.2) You’ve purchased racist products from Target’s online stores.

You may have bought an item at Target’s e-commerce stores.

It may have been a coupon that you didn’t read, or an online order that you got through email.

In many cases, the racist products you’ve purchased are products that Target’s own marketing departments have marketed.

Target has created a reputation for its racist products, and it has not been a positive environment for its employees, employees of employees, and employees of associates.3) You know someone who has.

You might even know them personally.

You’re not racist, but you feel compelled to speak up.

You feel you have a duty to warn your friends, family members, and coworkers about the racism they’ve purchased.

You want to share your concerns with your colleagues and friends.4) You’re a member of a community that supports Target.

You shop at Target because it’s a “safe space.”

You shop because you know that Target is “the place to go.”

You know that racism is not tolerated, that racism will not be tolerated, and that Target will not tolerate racism in any way.

Target is an institution and a brand that exists to make profits.

Target is an opportunity for people to buy a racist and discriminatory product that they feel is “cool” and “niche.”

Target’s business model of marketing its products as part of a “community” is antithetical to this goal.

Target should not be allowed to dominate the retail industry in Australia by forcing customers to buy products that they find offensive.

We demand that Target reconsider its strategy.

It is an act of racial profiling against a community of people of colour.

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