A rainbow store in the north of the city is getting a new lease of life, as one of the last remaining shops in the city’s historic centre, the Rainbow Gardens, has been sold.

The store was owned by the local community group Rainbow Gardens Alliance (RGA), which had been selling its products through its Rainbow Gardens Bikes website.

It was the first in the capital to be taken over by a group, said RGA’s executive director, Mark Kelly.

“It was an incredibly difficult time for the local area and for the shop owners, who are in a really difficult situation,” Kelly said.

“I think there was a lot of fear of being left out.

People didn’t want to leave their home and have to leave the shop, which was quite a shock to people in the community.”‘

A really sad day’The shop’s owner, Peter Williams, said the sudden closure of the shop had been a “really sad day”.

“It’s a really small shop and a lot has changed in the last five years,” he said.

The shop was owned in the 1970s by Mr Williams, who said it was “a wonderful place” and “a little bit of a landmark”.

“We did some good things there.

We’ve had a great partnership with the council, we’ve had our share of difficulties but we’ve done great things,” he added.”

People have been here for a long time, so I’m sad to see it go.”RGA has set up a new website, the www.rainbowgarden.org.au website, which features a range of resources, including an information packet on the store’s history, and an online store.”

We’ve had some fantastic community support, the RGA Facebook page has been incredibly supportive,” Kelly explained.”

There are some amazing people who are volunteering to run the store and make sure it is run the way we want it to be.”

The RGA website also offers a donation service, where people can contribute to the shop’s upkeep.

The local business association has also set up an online fundraising page, which has raised over $300,000 to help cover rent, cleaning and other costs.

“Our hope is to get the shop running again, with a new owner and hopefully a new colour scheme,” Kelly added.

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